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General English Test

1.What is the plural form of "child"?
2. Identify the correct article: I saw ________ interesting movie last night.
3.Select the appropriate conjunction to complete the sentence: She wanted to go to the beach, ________ it was raining.
4.Identify the correctly spelled word:
5.She is allergic __________ cats.
6.Identify the sentence which is grammatically correct:
7.Identify the correctly punctuated sentence:
8. Identify the antonym for "excessive":
9. Which sentence is in the active voice?
10. Choose the correct possessive pronoun: That book is ________.
11. Select the correct comparative form: This novel is __________ the one I read last month.
12.Identify the correctly punctuated sentence:
13.She is proficient __________ three languages.
14.Identify the correct sentence:
15. Select the correct modal verb: You __________ consider the consequences before making a decision.
16. Choose the correct form of the past perfect tense: They ________ already left when we arrived.
17.Choose the appropriate adverb: He worked __________ to meet the deadline.
18.Choose the correct possessive pronoun: The decision is ________.
19.Choose the correct form of the verb: The committee __________ to a decision after hours of deliberation.
20.Identify the correct sentence with parallel structure:

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