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General English Test

1.What is the plural form of "child"?
2. Identify the correct article: I saw ________ interesting movie last night.
3.Select the appropriate conjunction to complete the sentence: She wanted to go to the beach, ________ it was raining.
4.Identify the correctly spelled word:
5.She is allergic __________ cats.
6.Identify the sentence which is grammatically correct:
7.Identify the correctly punctuated sentence:
8. Identify the antonym for "excessive":
9. Which sentence is in the active voice?
10. Choose the correct possessive pronoun: That book is ________.
11. Select the correct comparative form: This novel is __________ the one I read last month.
12.Identify the correctly punctuated sentence:
13.She is proficient __________ three languages.
14.Identify the correct sentence:
15. Select the correct modal verb: You __________ consider the consequences before making a decision.
16. Choose the correct form of the past perfect tense: They ________ already left when we arrived.
17.Choose the appropriate adverb: He worked __________ to meet the deadline.
18.Choose the correct possessive pronoun: The decision is ________.
19.Choose the correct form of the verb: The committee __________ to a decision after hours of deliberation.
20.Identify the correct sentence with parallel structure:

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Dualingo English Test

أنا فقرة. نقرتين متتاليتين

أنا أو  انقر فوق "تحرير النص". من السهل أن تجعلها ملكًا لك.

English Teacher

تحقق من عروضنا


أنا فقرة. نقرتين متتاليتين

أنا أو  انقر فوق "تحرير النص". من السهل أن تجعلها ملكًا لك.

شعار الصحراء FEC
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